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Ade Akinyede

Co-Founder and CEO

Ade specializes in helping people align their energy, focus, and time, so they can operate at their true potential in life and business with the clarity, confidence & strategies they need to make real progress on their goals.


My Work Story

Growing up, I was given one task: get good grades. This meant studying and passing exams (A.K.A work hard) so I could get a degree, land a job and climb the corporate ladder so I could provide for myself and have a family.

There was just one problem - it all felt like a chore to me, so I sucked at the studying and getting good grades part! It wasn't until much later in life that I discovered I was lacking the critical piece to the puzzle. A dream of my own. My passion.

But I believe that my personal journey is exactly what has brought me here to do the work that I love today, as that path to discovery has led me through some valuable experiences:

  • Worked as an engineer in a home automation and high-end audio equipment manufacturing company
  • Changed my career to mobile apps development, and became a team leader
  • Certified Strategic Intervention Life Coach
  • Ran a wedding and portrait photography side-business
  • Formed a local marketing agency partnership
  •  Owned an Amazon FBA business

For most people, that looks like a whole lot of work! And don't get me wrong, it wasn't all rosy - there were a lot of mistakes and failures along the way (or as I like to reframe, "It's not a failure. It's a stepping stone to my success and fulfillment").

But the main reason why I have what may perhaps be considered a diverse work experience is that I wasn't clear on my why. I knew I wanted to be "successful" and live a freedom lifestyle (time, location, money) while doing work I enjoyed... but it just felt like I was still missing something.

What I was missing, as it turns out, was my spiritual vision: my north star, something bigger than me, a vision for me and the world, and the pivotal cornerstone that sets a strong foundation for realising fulfillment in life and business.

Today, I work with my wife in alignment with our spiritual vision. This gives me the energy, creativity and purpose to help individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses also align their energy, focus, and time, so they can operate at their highest potential in life and business with the clarity, confidence & strategies they need to make real progress on their goals.

Recognition and Awards


Masters (MEng) in Electronics and Computer Systems Engineering at Loughborough University.


Certified Strategic Intervention Life Coach with Tony Robbins and Chloe Madanes Training


Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers Accreditation

Digital Marketer Certifications

Certified specialist with Digital Marketer in Customer Acquisition, Value Optimization, and Direct-Response Copywriting.

My Personal Story

I'm 6ft 3in (190cm) in height, so I stand out in most crowds or am easy to spot from a distance away - at least that's what I'm told, but somehow I'm still caught by surprise when I meet someone new (or even some friends in general) and they highlight how tall I am. In my mind, I'm just a regular guy... until it comes to fitting myself in a regular car and the reality becomes all too hard to ignore.

My wife and I met at a salsa club (the one where you dance, not the salsa sauce club), although it took a 2nd coincidence meeting for us to decide to keep in touch. We moved in together after a year, bought a house together 2 years after that and got married 3 years later. So we went with the 1-2-3 strategy to relationship building.

At a point in my life when it felt like I was on an obsessive quest for self-discovery, I once picked up a book called Unique Ability 2.0, by Shannon Waller, where one of the activities in the book was to ask family and friends how they'd describe you. So through the lens of these people, here are some things I found out:


What They Said

Goioiza (wife)

I make people relaxed and allow them to express themselves in words and physically. Making them comfortable to do what they want to do i.e be themselves.

My mum and dad

(Mum) I loved to explore and do things my own way, always trying to figure things out e.g. taking my toys apart to find out what's inside and how it works.

(Dad) Sympathetic to kids; loved children. Loved playing computer games (maybe a little too much).

My younger brother and older sister

(Sister) Playful, outspoken, friendly.

(Brother) I was a protective brother and he felt I had his back. And I loved sports.

Adrian (friend)

A people person. I can connect to anyone (whether I like the person or not). I have strong empathy, can relate with other people and am easy to approach. Most importantly, he (Adrian) can count on me when he needs to rant!!

Linet (friend)

As a friend: accountable and dependable (to be there when needed), pay attention to others and really nice person, sincere and devoted.

As a human being: disciplined and doing things that I put my mind to, insatiable curiosity and an unquellable desire to learn and develop my human existence.

I've come to appreciate such exercises as an opportunity to connect with the people around me and be grateful for my relationships and friendships.

Today, I live with my wife in the outskirts of London, UK in a home that before we bought didn't think was possible. For the both us, we find it a true blessing to be able to partners in life and business (something that isn't easy), and build a future together whilst being able to have our individual expressions.

Apart from dancing, we both also love to travel (either day trips or longer stays). I never get tired of visiting new places, learning about other cultures and sightseeing historical places. Our dream is to travel across the 5 continents (2 more to go!)

I believe everyday brings with it new found clarity, awareness and opportunity to choose to live powerfully and in alignment with your dreams and vision. For me, that is the greatest fulfillment in life.

P.S. If you wondered whether at my regular height of 6ft 3in I play/played basketball, the answer is YES!